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#21 AhimsaArabians



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Posted 01 June 2010 - 07:10 AM

Hi Sherry I am in CA North of San Francisco my email is AhimsaArabians@comcast.net

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Posted 15 June 2010 - 07:24 PM

We also love & appreciate the Pritzlaff/Blunt Arabians. They are lovely, people-friendly horses- no doubt -very Arabian- VERY ATHLETIC and worthy of their place in preservation.

We find it is difficult for "pedigree buyers" to appreciate HORSE FLESH- for those who actually SEE horseflesh.... people just stop having any interest once they find they are NOT PYRAMID SE! New people are taught to ask about SE. Period. Buyers ask, "ARE they SE or they are NOT?" It boggles my mind & I get tired of the SIGH when people inquire about horses for sale and find that the ones they LIKE are not SE, but ARE Sheykh Obeyd, etc.
Not all SHOWING at the EE ARE SE anyway. So what does it matter?

It is a shame it boils down to a "blunder ", so many years ago.

What could have been wonderful in the world of Arabian horses, OR NOT, if the Pritzlaff /BLUNT horses HAD been accepted as Pyramid Society Straight Egyptians! Might be an ALL NEW EE if there were classes filled with SE's who are performance horses too. I am not discounting the Endurance records of those who prove their horses in those events.

Ebonys Doyle LHF (Ebony Nefous RSI x Larkin DE by Greggan) bred by Vincent Melzac.
She is 15.2h trimmed barefoot, too.
Attached File  Ebonys_Doyle_LHF_2_Ebony_Nefous_RSI_x_Larkin_DE__Detweiler_photo.jpg   138.17KB   4 downloads

One of the few 50% Pritzlaff/ 50% Doyle Pritzlaff/BLUNT Arabian mares.
Photo copyright Lesley Detweiler may not be used nor copied without permission.

& two daughters:
MSF Ebonys Derby (RG Hilacious (El Hilal x Desert Song RSI) x Ebonys Doyle LHF) Al Khamsa, Sheykh Obeyd, Heirloom Egyptian, SE SIRED

Attached File  msf_ebonys_derby_1a_detweiler_photo.jpg   581.45KB   4 downloads
Photo copyright Megan Detweiler may not be used nor copied without permission.


Attached File  010_Narmina_2.jpg   41.89KB   0 downloads
MSF Ebonys Narmina, black (Faydin(Mahrouf x Roufina) x Ebonys Doyle LHF) Al Khamsa, Sheykh Obeyd, Heirloom Egyptian, BABSON & SE SIRED

Photo copyright Megan Detweiler may not be used nor copied without permission.
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Posted 22 June 2010 - 02:09 AM

I removed the photos because I felt that he does not satisfy the thread intent as to having Rabanna in the pedigree.
I will go and take some photos of our remaining Rabanna line mare by Kazmeen ibn Shiko x Sara Moniel and post those instead.
And thanks Ray, I do like Curly because he is a horse that was meant to ride.
Joe Linzner

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Posted 22 June 2010 - 02:13 AM

Joe - he's a real beauty - thanks for posting. :th_party0010:

I guess I should add that he's more than just beautiful - I like everything I see there. Looks like a horse to make any horseman proud.

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Posted 22 June 2010 - 02:27 AM

What a beautiful hip on this boy!

Valerie Clinkenbeard

Bloodstone Farms

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Posted 22 June 2010 - 03:04 PM

I really like the Pritzlaff blood for bringing legs, shoulders and hips back into a group of horses which are rapidly losing these qualities. We bred to Curly (Joe's horse) last year and have a colt and a filly and are breeding two more mares to him this year. We used to use Babson-Turfa with Pritzlaff and bred some incredible horses with the full complement of that which a horse should be in the conformation department. As with most things, when someone decides that a line is not acceptable, the *Turfas began to disappear.

They were not always "pretty headed horses", as defined by the smash mouth (that's a rock group) criteria, but they were incredible performance horses and I still have one left but she is nearly prehistoric.

Judicious use of the Pritzlaff breeding is important, just as it is with any or maybe all the lines in the remaining SE's. But, they definitely are horses for horsemen and women and bring a lot to the table.


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Posted 23 June 2010 - 03:53 AM

Hi Sherry I am in CA North of San Francisco my email is AhimsaArabians@comcast.net

Would love to see you post some pictures of your horses.
SLC Camelot Farms

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Posted 09 January 2016 - 10:35 AM



I am trying to locate a breeder, preferably located in Europe that has an asil CEI endurance mare for sale or lease. Ofira Shahir was already sold I heard, as was Kildalton Danah. It is for me and my friend, a competitor who competed at the latest european championships and is now riding the president cup on a loaned horse. So please spread the word, there are some in France I know. The mare will get a fantastisc forever home for competition first and later breeding, an excellent and kind rider with much respect to the horse. Our budget is small though as I invest now in my breeding plans and have not much left for an expensive purchase but in time, more can be paid. Thanks for all the help. I know the Pritzlaffs are wonderful and am also looking into these lines but specifically looking for a CEI accomplished horse of asil bloodlines that can develop and sustain speed. I have no preferance for SE/Pyramid accepted bloodlines. Rabanna welcome.

We're specifically looking for an accomplished horse, if not CEI qualified then one that has done minimum of several 50 miles ride at speed and can enter a CEI qualification ride right away. It is very hard to locate such horses by searching for competition results so I am relying on my network for the moment, in the hope someone has or knows of such a horse.

warm wishes, Brigitte

Nasheeta Arabians

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Have a look at www.nasheeta.com


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co-author (with Ms Saskia Klaassen) of "Impressions" a manual to arabian bloodlines in The Netherlands

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