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Starting A Se Small Breeders Association ..thoughts Please

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Posted 08 March 2013 - 08:51 PM

Roze, I was thinking about what you siad about the geldings SE Gelding to be specific as they are wonderful.
How about this? If we can talk PS into having a few just regular 'pleasure classes' like our local horse clubs did when I was growing up and have them during lunch and have them judged by someone like you or me or Heidi etc. or anyone else who would volunteer. I am talking about no trainers to train the horses, no trainers to train the riders, (geeeezzzeeee that would save a family a ton of money...now please remember these huge savings as i continue to ramble along here). No judging of who has the fanciest outfit or who has the most expensive saddle. Originality of outfit and saddle in combination with the beauty of the gelding (or riding mare if they so choose)..... the money saved on the lessons, trainers, outfit, saddle could all be put into buying the prettiest, good moving and great disposition gelding they can get. If PS would have classes at lunch would not interfere with rest of show, it could be for kids and adults, western and English....break the kids up into at least 2 age groups. I know my boys would love to do that with their geldings and I would love to do it with my riding mare. We couls all show off our favorite beloved riding horse without hoopla... now washed and clipped would be good...and definitely washed and brushed mane and tail, but clippers etc. can be expensive and maybe make that optional or maybe someone help them clip their horse, but optional without deducting points....use that clipper money on buying gelding...... It could be fun and profitable for small (all) breeders and PS could make some money. Families could come and only have to get a stall for 1 to 3 nights depending on classes they are in (have 2 to 3 luch days set aside for pleasure classes). Families would only have to get room for 1 to 3 nights or however long they want to stay. Also, I bet some would want to maybe then if in their budget hire trainer and take lessons and go into more advanced classes (pinky in the air as I call them), no offense meant to anyone. Trainers might 'pick up clients, these families might want to get further involved with the SE's cuz how many of us started out with just 'riding geldings'?
Also, whoever is in an area large enough and/or has an area large enough have please classes and pleasure shows. Charge $25.00 for an entry fee for a show at your place like that...sell soda's, hot dogs, get on line and buy some inexpensive horse related items... just your imagination and how much fun you want to have.
Thank you for making me think.



DEar Jerel


Excellent idea. At my time we did not have the PS or hardly any All Arab shows in Canada. So we all entered into country fais, went to the USA too, and gaines many championships. We had fun, helped each other, no expensive circus outfits or

saddle/bridles, Or Hollywood make-up for bother rider and horse, just well groomed and staning the horse up quietly. I have numerous videos to prove this. Even at the FIRST SE hosw, this was done. We made more friends and cliets this way than we though6t.


Dont misunderstand the PS has always been my love affair and always be it.  But just like a mother or father

I try to correct matters, enduce them to think of the children of today and tomorrow, and come a bit down to earth.


I will help all I can, once I get better.


Take care and many thanks and hugs


Hansi-Heck Melnyk
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Posted 06 June 2013 - 05:14 PM

As a collective group of Arabian enthusiasts, breeders, riders, competitors, backyard owners alike, we need to get our horses out among the general public, and re-introduce the beauty and wonderful character of the Arabian horse to people who are more familiar with every breed BUT the Arabian. Most ordinary people know next to nothing about this breed except what they have "heard" about it, usually from non-Arab horsemen and women! It would be nice for TPS to delegate from the top down and form sub-groups within the TPS overall outreach, perhaps regionally, where all the small farms with fewer numbers of horses can put together trail rides, local parade participation, participate in working cow events or fun shows, host SE community events, etc. if a SESBA was formed it should work with TPS not against it and vice versa. I've been trying to get local Arab enthusiasts together in my area to just go trail riding or enter the local parades with our horses. Our local parade here has a ton of horses entered, zero Arabians. I would like to change that. We all need to change that in our own backyard! Wouldn't be too difficult, and would get our horses out there for everyone ELSE to see them and learn to appreciate them on their own merit.
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