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#1 Romar Arabians

Romar Arabians

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Posted 18 October 2014 - 04:44 PM

REA El Kaream has been sold to Kuwait. As soon as I got the news I called David Myers and told him I didn't know whether to curse him or congratulate him. It is always distressing to me to see exceptional horses leave the US, and I know this was a difficult decision for David. He really does love this horse, but he told me he actually sat down and made a list of reasons to sell or not to sell. The one that stuck with me was that he was just breeding the same group of mares year after year, mostly David's mares and he felt Bait Al Aran, the new owner, would give Kaream the exposure to quality mares that he deserves. I have two Kaream offspring and I will tell you that they are the finest Straight Egyptians I have ever bred. I really wanted another foal out of my Ruminaja Ali daughter, who until recently could claim the title of last SE foal born to Ruminaja Ali, so I am very proud to own (and bred) her. She gave me an incredible bay colt by Kaream in 2012. When David saw him last year he told me he was Kaream's best colt. I understand from David though that there is one in Texas now that is also very nice. I also have what may be the best filly we've ever bred born in 2013. She's out of my True Colours daughter, a maternal half sister to the Ruminaja Ali daughter. Maybe I just got lucky, maybe my mares just nick well with Kaream, but we have lost an incredible resource for furthering the SE Arabian here in America. The good news is, there is frozen semen. I prefer not to go that route but I would prefer to breed a great foal with frozen than a not-as-great a foal otherwise, and I really would like another foal or two, or 3, of the caliber that Kaream has given me so far.

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RB True Ali (True Colours x Rosali CAHR) 2002 SE stallion
RB Al Shama (True Colours x Rosali CAHR) 2003 SE mare
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#2 Heidi


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Posted 18 October 2014 - 09:52 PM

Congrats To David
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Posted 09 November 2014 - 06:14 PM

I, too, am very happy for David, and hope all the very best for Kaream+ and his new owners.  David did a WONDERFUL job with him, and I'm proud to own a lovely son by Kaream+.  As far as I know, my colt is the only Kaream+ son in Western Canada and I'm very pleased that I was able to purchase him from David.  David was FANTASTIC to work with, going the extra mile to ensure that everything went smoothly with the training, the show and the importation.  I would definitely recommend David  to anyone who's wanting to breed or purchase.  I was extremely pleased.  

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