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Prejudices About Straight Egyptians

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#1 Hadiqa



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Posted 09 April 2016 - 03:15 PM

Since I first met the arabian horse it was the SE horses that brought my attention. I fell in love with them and the colourful vibrations that surrounds them. Today I am the proud owner, and friend, of a SE stallion. The rich history and the cultures in wich these horses have been shaped is of course something that brings even more of my fascination for it. So for me, being so astunned over the authentic beauty within these horses, it is very foreign that so many arabian horse people still have so much prejudices about them. At least where I live. 

So the reason for this topic then; well the reason is that I have tried to get deeper in the substance of such prejudices. I want to look at them as nothing more than ignorance and lack of horse sence. The more the intelligent or sensitive a horse, the more of a problem the horse will have to deal with, (in humans forms). One very common prejudice I came over is that some SE horses are "bad tempered". First of all one can disscus the definition of the concept "temper", is there really any bad tempered horses or is there only bad adaption of the forms in wich we want the horses to participate in. The problem might be a "bad human temper" , incapable of adapting or problemsolve, in other words, why is the responsibility so often put on the horse, and not the human that certainly made up the situation in the first place. Some people want to have a bicycle with hair on it, a creature without spirit that, like a machine, obey to different settings. I prefer the communicative horse, the one who tells me everything he feels, in this way I have realized I am honourably invited into the world of his, a world full of wonder. They say only humans have reason, well doesnt that gives us a great resbonsibility?

So far my statements have maybe been touching the subject that SE horses actually have a different temper, and I dont say that they have, but at the same time maybe a misconception of this is what attracts me to them? The greater sensitivity or intelligence? 

Other prejudices I heard about SE horses, is that they are heavy inbred to Nazeer, wich, in combination of no preformance tests in Egypt and USA have made some SE lines bad tempered. Then again I refere to the above mentioned about temper, and I like to add, what is it really that a preformance test proove if one takes it to the core of things. It seems like it all depends on what you want to use your horse for, observe the word use

And also, we have the gaits. Have you ever heard the story about straight egyptians being inable to move? then you have to look at the meaning of gaits. And to do so I think you have to look at what the movement is for. And also one have to own the capacity of actually understand sustainable movement, not only a shallow experienced balance trot. What happens with the body of the horse in such a trot when the horse carries a rider? and in long term?


Well dear breeders out there. What is your experience of where this prejudices comes from and why is they out there still, in the world of arabian horses? What is your thoughts and experiences of the bakground for this kind of prejudices? 

#2 Marilee


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Posted 14 April 2016 - 08:55 PM

I will write more as I have more time. SE horses continue to be quite rare. There are few pure Polish (as some "Polish" horses now have SE or other lines in there), or few pure Spanish, as even some of those lines go back to Crabbet or early Egyptian. Lots of pedigrees now are quite mixed. Any lines can have "good" or "poor" horses, "sweet" or "rank, difficult to handle". I think SE horses are very intelligent, as most Arabians are. Some horses are dominated into submission, others fight back. Some horses are lucky to have a respectful partnership with their owners/people. I have found certain Egyptian lines that I prefer, and others that I will study and find that I do not care for, but again there will be exceptions. The horses I have had have a lot of presence, or "look of eagles", so when one attempts to suppress that or control it, changes in attitude and behavior occur. I choose years ago not to have trainers handle my horses, after seeing and hearing so many things from other people and seeing what happened to their horses over time. I will see that again this weekend at the horse show here. The Arabian has a presence and an intelligence and a spirit that some people allow to continue, but others want to dominate or control. The Egyptian horse is the same. I will write more again later. Great questions above.

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Posted 19 April 2016 - 11:52 PM

Hi every body.


Havent been around for a while.


The prejutices  can be understood. It basically, and in my opinion, was created by a few people who strive for glory and money as well as by some trainers looking for the same.


Nobody should have an ounce of problem with any straight egyptian horse, they are the most intelligentg and with it sensitive creations, and very people oriented..

Properly trained, one can enjoy them for decades, and they will become ones best friend.


However, they should be driven or ridden, and not become a garden ornament. Anybody, men or beast will go bananas if kept idle all their lives.


I should say, they should be trained as once USED to train a child, and they wont forgety, There were times when I had as many as 15 stallions and many colts. Each one became "Baby save"


However, I also have good news. Hundrest of our people are now riding in endurance, here and abroad and WINNING.

I visited a while ago the Endurance Rides set up by Valery Kanavy, our Worldmaster Champion" and was amazed that more thaN 40 ENTRIES WERE FOR THE 100MILER.


i AM NOT SAYING THAT YOU SHOULD GO OUT NOW AND  RIDE ENDURANCE. But you could ride on trails, dressage, english, western or what ever you like.


I have a friend who had a bad leg etc injury, pushing 80young years. She wrote to me last week" I am back in the saddle, when I saw Queen Elizabeth at age 90 riding. I have another friend, around age 84, two knee operations and riding winning 25 milers, iimagine.

Yup, that's Terry Doyle, on their world famous "doyle Asil Horses". And Pritzlaff literally died in his boots, so did  Martin LOeber of his famous Plum Grove Farm in Palatine, Il. These were superb breeders and horsemen, I knew them well. But so did the Marshalls, both Doug and Margaret.

And remember those incredible Babson Horses? All ridden and/or driven. 


I never heard from any having a problem with their SEs, the opposite is true. Most all old timers rode till their death/

I miss it, and might just make it back into the saddle, if I can find an old, well broke SE, because mine have all been sold.


One more thing. If you can, dont pay attention to this new version of an Arabian horse, the ones with that SEAHORSE head

and nothing else to show athletic abilities. Look at the EAO Horses, Phillipps horses in Egypt, those are the ones you would want.

Albadeia also used to breed good horses, dont know what they are doing now. And there are many others here and abroad, too many for me to write down now. Therefore, dont ever get discouraged, and give in or up. That's really a NONONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


all take care


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Hansi-Heck Melnyk
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#4 Hadiqa



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Posted 20 April 2016 - 10:29 AM

Thank you so much for your answers! Im glad to have your thoughts since it seems like this is a topic that´s easily "swept under the carpet", or almost stigmatized.  :)

#5 Paul Huzevka

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Posted 29 April 2016 - 03:40 PM

It does not matter what other people think about SE's, you have to do what you believe in. It is like saying some body does not like black or white cars...it is a personal preference based on what people think they know.  


If you work with your horses and they have a purpose there is nothing anybody can say, and if they do it is their issue,


I go team penning and trail riding, with other people who use quarter horses and everything else. They can say to me what ever they want and they did. But I do not care...why should I care? We are mature individuals and make decisions based on what we believe in.

When they see a true Arabian horse prancing or galloping across a field they just can not let their eyes go...it is impossible for anybody who likes horses. They can be in denial but who cares? I love all this attention....


I do not think this problem exists in the middle east and that is where majority of these horses are going these days...and have been for a while...

The challenge with SE's is that they are not being used in sport horse activities, be it, racing, penning, dressage etc. , and shown to the public.....bringing in young people to continue ...

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