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Listening A Good Method For Learning English

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Posted 23 November 2017 - 05:03 AM

hi everybody,

everybody see that there are four major skills in learning any language, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. Listening is very necessary for  interaction, and it is unchanged from hearing.

of course, kids start listening to their parents when they are babies. They are frequently greet, spoken to and well-liked with no response predictable. while no one know if the baby realize the oral expressions, the procedure continues.

inside learning English, listening may help for developing speaking  skills noticeably. Personally  I think a fine and stable listener will help you not very soon solve several problems at work or home, however as well to decide the people through the eyes of others, in this way open your knowledge and improve your ability for compassion.

We want to hear a variety of English sentence repeatedly and continuously if we want to speak correctly, expressively and spontaneously. When listening, we evaluate many English words for practice vocabulary, grammatical structures, intonation, accent and our own clarification.

We can be converted into expert at extra terminology and expressions by hearing them frequently. We can practice English language by radio programmes nearly anywhere in the world.

My proposal for learning English in creative funny  ways as follows:

• Watch the DVD all the way through in English only (no sub-titles).

• Watch it again (scene by scene) in English with your language as sub-titles. Repeat scenes as needed.

• Watch it again in (scene by scene) in English with English sub-titles. Repeat scenes as required.

• Watch it again in your language all the way through with English sub-titles. If you aren't sick to death of it yet watch it again in English all the way through with no sub-titles.

• As you watch the film scene by scene do a annotation the key new-found vocabulary, especially new phrases.


While you are listening to someone's conversation, do not interrupt with what you feel or think as regards the subject being discussed. Wait for a different person to ask your view prior to interrupting the flow of dialogue. Abstain from giving blunt advice. It is imperative not to disapprove of while listening, and in no way attack another person for his or her feelings.


Sometimes we might not hear and understand each expressions, it is acceptable to recap some of the things said by the speaker with the intent to clarify so as to we understood the message conveyed accurately. Capture the contents by listening accurately leads to speaking skill which is quite applicable to every day conversation.



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